There’s a great big myth out there that you cannot use your personal Facebook profile for business. Of course you can. You just can’t use your profile (or Page) for ‘commercial gain’ such as selling your cover image to a sponsor or advertiser. And, don’t try to get people to buy stuff with all your profile posts. But, you do want to be intentional and strategic with each of your personal posts. A good mix of some personal and some business, with a personal tone.

"Every post you make should be thought out carefully on how it will build your brand and increase interactions — and keep your friends wanting to see more from you." YESS!!! It’s about "selective transparency." Nobody needs to live in a glass house and share 24/7. And, it’s about strategic intent. Create what I call "Radical Strategic Visibility" – be seen in all the right places, by the right people at the right times!

So, take note, friends!! The tips in this Entrepreneur article are brilliant! I agree with all 14, especially #1, 3, 4 & 5. I would add to #2 about Security to ensure you have a good cryptic password + two-step login set up. And, amen to #6 – total pet peeve!

People say: “I have a business page and my personal page is for friends and family.” Well, it’s time to start using your personal Facebook to build your brand, business and awareness. There’s Snapchat, WhatsApp and a host of other fun platforms to interact with friends and family." [Including Facebook Messenger and secret groups. Plus, phone, text, email and in person!!]

Using your personal profile should always be *in addition* to using your Facebook Business Page. With your Page, you can post 100% about business, boost your posts, buy ads, collect valuable data, generate leads, sell products, add and use apps, communicate privately (via Messenger) with your audience, build community, and create coveted SEO to name a few benefits!!! :)

Your thoughts??

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14 Power Facebook Tips to Build Your Brand and Business Using Your PERSONAL PROFILE!
It’s time to start using your personal Facebook to build your brand, business and awareness.

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