Wowee, congrats to the WhatsApp team!! Epic milestone of 1 BILLION users! Mark Zuckerberg announced today: "WhatsApp’s community has more than doubled since joining Facebook. We’ve added the ability for you to call loved ones far away. We’ve dropped the subscription fee and made WhatsApp completely free. Next, we’re going to work to connect more people around the world and make it easier to communicate with businesses."

See that, folks??? "…make it easier to communicate with businesses." How exciting!!! Facebook has something magical in store for BUSINESSES on WhatsApp, but of course!

Zuck goes on to say, "There are only a few services that connect more than a billion people. This milestone is an important step towards connecting the entire world." YESS!!

Zuck has been known to say very clearly that his plan is to first reach one billion users on a platform before unveiling monetization plans. From the Q3 2014 earnings call, "…the right strategy is to first focus on connecting 1 billion-plus people and reaching the full potential before very aggressively turning them into businesses." [Source: Business Insider.]

Businesses, take note!! Pay attention to WhatsApp now. And Messenger (800M users). And Groups (1Bn users). Granted, although Instagram is ‘only’ at 400M users, Facebook is already offering great ad products there. Instagram is one of the world’s largest mobile ads platforms. See:

What say you, my friends? Exciting, yes? Was WhatsApp worth the $22Bn (cash + stock) that Facebook paid for it on February 19th, 2014?!

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